Race 4 Prevention Tours Are Complete

From mid-2017 through mid-2018, Becky's husband toured the country in these two one-of-a-kind vehicles: The 212mph GTR super car and this 750 hp Utah Raptor that zooms from 0-60 in 4 seconds flat. Becky loved speed, so soon after she passed away, he bought both vehicles to honor her and begin the national journey of bringing awareness to breast cancer Prevention. He drove these vehicles a combined 50,000 miles through 37 states, where he distributed over 50,000 pens, 2,000 shirts and 40,000 brochures, all with the message of "Breast Cancer Prevention." More about the Tour here.

Every year, thousands of women are taken by this evil disease simply because they did not act. Becky Baker was one of these countless women. For whatever reason, fear, finances, lack of education or support, these women perish. The Becky Baker Foundation was established to raise awareness for breast cancer "prevention," and provide free mammograms to the countless women who cannot afford one. Remember the only true way to beat breast cancer, is to not get breast cancer. The FDN has always been self-funded and has never accepted donations of any kind.

Becky's husband is no longer actively touring. However, this website will remain published indefinitely to honor Becky Baker – the life she lived, the battle she fought, and the legacy she left for us all. She will always be our hero. (Please take a minute to scroll through all the pictures of Becky and the Tours in the Media Link on this page, and please schedule your mammogram today!)