Please Donate Toward a Mammogram Today!

Since 2017, The BBF Has Given Away Over 2,000 Mammograms…

…and thermograms to those who cannot afford one. Of that number, 300 women have been saved. Please schedule your check up today. If you can’t afford one, please visit the Assistance Link in our menu.

Every year, thousands of women are taken by this evil disease simply because they did not act. Becky Baker was one of these countless women. For whatever reason, fear, finances, lack of education or support, these women perish. The Becky Baker Foundation was established to raise awareness for breast cancer "prevention," and to provide free mammograms (or thermograms) to the countless women who cannot afford one. Ninety-five percent (95%) of every dollar you donate to the BBF goes toward providing absolutely free mammograms or thermograms for those unable to pay.

When Rick Baker launched the BBF in May of 2017, he did so with his laptop and the one million dollars he received from Becky’s life insurance policy. “It wasn’t my money and I did not earn it. I wanted it to go to saving other women. That’s what she would have wanted.” Now, Rick is taking the BBF to the national level for two main reasons: “We need to change the breast cancer conversation in this country from Awareness to Prevention,” says Baker, “and the way we do that is in gifting mammograms to thousands of women who cannot afford one.”

We will spearhead the national launch in September, complete with a new website and social media blitz. The BBF is a 501(C)(3) (on application status) and will always be completely transparent with donations from our supporters. “It chaps my hide when I see so many other breast cancer foundations putting most of their donations into their own pockets,” said Baker. (Read an Interview with Rick Baker here.)


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