Becky Baker Turned 53 on May 24, 2016, Not 58


(Note: I wrote this Happy Birthday message to my wife on her birthday, last year. Somehow it has remained somewhere on the Internet and a friend just sent it to me as a reminder. I have decided to post it here. Sadly, Becky passed away before her "54th" birthday, May 24, 2017, by only five weeks.)

Becky Baker will turn 53 on the May 24th.

Her birth certificate will claim that she is really 58, but, I have found a way to reverse aging, at least in years.

Wanna know how?

Becky was born in 1958 which will make her 58 next Tuesday. However, I have simply refused to acknowledge this age because of two terrible life events in her recent past.

Her first husband was killed — along with her father — in his plane in 2003. Devastating and sudden. I have no idea how she must have felt or coped. While grieving, a local man, a chiropractor, offered to help her by giving her free adjustments to relieve her stress. A con man and an abuser, he very quickly took over her everyday life and then her finances. She had become a victim, like the ones she read about in magazines: Women, who feared for their lives, enduring the threats and verbal abuse, never knowing if it will end in their deaths. Becky is a strong woman, but was no match for this kind of subhuman. For the next three years he reigned over her and absconded with most of her retirement. More money than most of us make in a lifetime. She feared him greatly. An evil man was he. His name was Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt, and he was truly satan incarnate.

A number of us had decided to intervene and save Becky before Jeffrey Schmidt killed her. We all helped her break free of this demon. But, he continued to haunt her in her dreams. His death threats never far from front of her mind. She could still see that look in his eyes, the kind that seems to show someone else inside another’s body. It took years for her to feel safe again. Then one day, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt, put a .357 handgun (one he had bought with Becky’s money) to his head and blew it all over the ceiling of his house in Colorado Springs, CO. I rejoiced at the death of this incubus, only wishing that I could have been the one to pull the trigger. Becky was finally free. It was then she began to heal.

Becky always told me that she had thrown away those three years and would give anything to get them back. So, you know what? I gave them back to her. Subtract 3 years from her birth year age.

The second terrible life event you all here are familiar with and may be related to her first. Her stage 4 breast cancer. It is probable that her cancer took life in her body as a direct result of the fear, anxiety and stress of being controlled by Schmidt. It has taken another 2+ years of her life. From not being able to bend down to put on her own shoes, to using a walker, to regaining her strength, to where we walk 3 miles together now daily. I believe she is healing. Still, I am giving her back these past 2 years on next Tuesday. No one deserves to have them added onto their lives. No one.

So, on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, Becky will turn 53, not 58. Can I do this? I just did. Maybe you should try it if you’ve had terrible life events like Becky has. After all, it’s your life, and isn’t a number just a number?

Happy Birthday to the love of my life and always my #1 hero!

Update: Becky passed away on Easter Sunday, 2017, having lived 37 months longer than any oncologist thought possible with stage IV, ER+ metastatic breast cancer.  Miss you babe.