To bring a smile to the face of at least one person, every day.

In our country's current climate, this is even more important, and challenging.

I generally agree that people suck. My wife gave me a sweatshirt (pictured) that says, "All I care about are my dogs, and maybe like three people." She had been hurt so often, by family and friends, that she just turned to her four-legged kiddos, knowing she could trust them to not hurt her. I now understand her feelings, especially after I have been burned this year by those I used to call my friends, (more on this later).

Still, so many people are hurting. We are surrounded by them. Some may have a smile on their face that when observed, is only masking their pain. Some may have no smile and in fact may be rude, obnoxious, selfish or arrogant. The 'selfish' disease seems to be especially prevalent in today's world.

As a result, my main Resolution for 2018 is to bring a smile to at least one person's face, every day.

I have already brought more smiles to faces this day than I thought possible. Little things, like telling the counter person a the coffee cafe, "Thanks for working today and hope you have a great New Year!" Or, while sitting down drinking my coffee and typing this post, telling the man next to me that I like his sweatshirt that has the American Flag on the front. That brought a big smile and a hearty, "Well, thank you very much!" Two smiles in one place inside of one minute! It is so easy to do, once you are in tune with it.

I think that you should make this your resolution too. For two reasons:

First, one never knows how important it might be for that person to smile today. We just don't know were they are at, emotionally, phyically, or any other "ally."

Second, it will make you feel better and bring a smile to your face too. Yep, by helping someone else to smile, you day will become better, instantly!

There you have it! Two smiles, and who knows, maybe a better world.