REAL Men Support Their Wives!

Men:  The Importance Of Your Support

Last week, I met with the directors of a local breast cancer center about financially supporting their efforts in pre-screening for breast cancer. As I entered the waiting room, I noticed a very sad lady, sitting by herself. She looked up at me, I smiled, and she tried to smile back. I was then whisked away to the board room for our meeting. Following that meeting, as I headed to the elevator to leave the facility, that same lady was also waiting to exit. We both entered the elevator and headed down to the lobby. I smiled at her again, and again, she attempted to return a smile. When we arrived at the lobby and exited the elevator, this lady in distress was met by her husband, who was sitting on a couch, waiting for his wife. I overheard him asking her, “How did it go? Did they find anything?” I could not hear her response as they walked away toward their car, but I could tell from her demeanor that the diagnosis was not good.

I wanted to go grab that man and shake him! He should have been with her in that waiting room. He should have accompanied her to the examination room. He should have heard what his wife heard from the doctors. He needs to support his wife, do whatever it takes to be her rock. Yes, he at least was in the building. But, that is not good enough. Not nearly good enough!

Attention husbands, boyfriends and other male family members! If your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or any other family member is in any pre-screening diagnostic stage, YOU need to be with her. I don’t care about your job. There is nothing more important than YOUR support. Do not make your loved one endure this uncertainty alone. 

I went to every doctor’s visit with my wife. I was with her for every scan, blood draw and examination. When she was initially in the cancer ward, I slept by her side and stayed there 24/7. I am not bragging, only telling you that I loved my wife with all my soul and would never have even considered having her endure this terrible thing alone.

Men, do whatever it takes to be there to support for your loved one one hundred percent. If you do not, you are not much of a man, in my humble opinion.  RB