Breast Cancer "Research" vs. Breast Cancer "Prevention"

Barries to breast cancer prevention

I hate to be the bearer of bad news people, but there will never be a “cure” for breast cancer. Not in my lifetime. Not in yours. Hope I didn't ruin you day.

But, wait, I do have good news! You can still beat breast cancer. You know how? By preventing it in your body.

Once you get breast cancer, it is a shot in the dark from that point on. You will enter a different world from what you have ever experienced in your lifetime. A world of drug companies who don't really care about you and massive financial expenses from a medical system that can be cold and apathetic. It is not a pretty picture. I know this because I just spent the last three-and-a-half years living in that world with my wife. She is, and always will be, my hero and the strongest person I have ever known. However, not even my wife could beat cancer, which took her on Easter Sunday of this year. The only bright spot in the whole process was the Hospice care givers. These people are all angels in my opinion, who truly love and adore each patient in their care.

Here are the facts about breast cancer, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation:

• 200,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed each year in the US, making it three times more common than other gynecological cancers.

• Breast cancer will claim the lives of 40,000 people this year. 

• In 1960, one in 20 women was diagnosed. Today, it is one in seven. 

• Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women age 40 to 55. 

• 15 percent of all breast cancers occur in women under age 45; in this age group, breast cancers are more aggressive and have lower recovery rates. 

• About 80 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of breast cancer.

So, the logical question to ask after reviewing these facts is: What have the billions of dollars given to “breast cancer research” done in the past 25 years? I suppose a second question, one that I will address in an upcoming post, is: Where has all that money gone?

More women are dying today. More women are being diagnosed with breast cancer today. More women are getting breast cancer with no history of such in their family today.

So, I ask the question again: What has “breast cancer research” actually done in the past 25 years? Answer: Nothing.

Don't give your hard-earned dollars to “breast cancer research.” You are throwing that money away. The only way to beat breast cancer is to prevent it. If you must give your money, find a charity (not this one, the Becky Baker Foundation does not accept donations) that is committed to prevention and will give you specific details of exactly where every dollar goes.

More on this in my next post. RB