Foundation Will Finish Becky's Children's Book Series

I have decided to finish Becky's Children's Book Series.

Her original intent was to publish a six-book set detailing her life and relationship with Miss Penny, her Great White Pyr. We were only able to get Book one published, although she had outlined the other five. 

The book's publisher, TATE, has gone out of business and the copyright has reverted back to me, so I will re-package Book one and finish the other five under the umbrella of The Becky Baker Foundation.

Book's two-six will explore the unique relationship that Becky had with Miss Penny and I believe will become an excellent teaching tool for children and the parents who read these books to their kids.

The six-book set will begin with Becky adopting Miss Penny (Book one) the three years they two of them had together, (Books two-five and will gently touch on Becky's passing and Miss Penny's reaction to her death in Book six.

Along the way, the readers of these six books will learn the value of taking care of their bodies, eating healthy foods, maintaining a positive attitude about life and will show the importance of relationships in every day life. Our life on this planet is not about work, money, or stuff. It's only about relationships.

The goal is to have all 6 books published by the end of the year.  RB