Did Chris Really "Beat" Cancer?

My wife spent much time on a website run by a man, Chris Wark, who claims he "beat Stage III Colon Cancer."

His story brings hope to many cancer patients, both men and women, and my wife was one of those. She believed she could also beat Stage IV metastatic ER+ breast cancer, in much the same way that Chris claims he beat his cancer. 

In fact, my wife did beat cancer, for 3+ years. She did so with no chemo, pills or radiation (except an initial treatment to stabilize her femur neck). Her victory, though, was only temporary. But, she did actually "beat" cancer for over three years.

My wife resisted the temptation of accepting money from other breast cancer patients who wanted her "system" for beating the cancer in her body. The LAFF2LIVE system: Lifestyle, Attitude, Food and Faith. They were her four pillars and they worked for three years. However, she never accepted a penny from any patient, and was offered thousands of dollars over those three years. If LAFF worked for her, she thought, maybe it could help other breast cancer patients as well. Her conscience would never allow her to profit from it.

Not so with Chris Wark. He charges $100 an hour, or $175 for two hours to impart his “healing wisdom” to you. However, he is not a doctor and I have always been skeptical of any of his claims because of this one fact: He is profiting off his alleged healing. 

I didn't tell my wife this while she was here. I wanted her to have hope, for hope is the most important aspect of the cancer fight. Without hope, all is lost. 

Here is a link to an interesting article I want to share with our readers about Chris and whether he beat cancer by only "alternative" means. This piece was written by Dr. David H. Gorski, who is a surgical oncologist, and therefore one who subscribes to chemo and radiation, both processes that I believe (as did my wife) can be more dangerous and poisonous than the cancer itself. However, he makes some very good points about Chris, his story and the Internet, that I believe are valuable for our readers. The moral of the story? Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Do your own research.