Here's Why The Foundation Does Not Accept Donations

I have had many inquires from caring people who want to contribute financially to this new push for breast cancer prevention, rather than the normal, tired, "breast cancer research and awareness campaigns."  I have refused all potential donations. Here's why:

The Becky Baker Foundation is a non-profit S Corporation (North Carolina) Foundation and is no longer on application status for an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit. After I completed the extensive application for this IRS status where they wanted to know everything from the color of my eyes to my shoe size, I just didn't feel right about the whole process.

Becky never cared for government and this included the IRS. I began to wonder if she would not be happy with the direction I was taking her Foundation. She was a simple person and didn't like her life cluttered. Having the IRS breathe down our throat is a pretty good description of "clutter," I think.

So, I went in a different direction, one that I think she would approve.

I have determined that the best way going forward for the Foundation is to continue its philanthropy in the area of breast cancer prevention by giving out free mammograms and financial grants to breast cancer centers around the country. And to try to appease those who are determined to give, the Foundation will act as a broker between the donor and receiver of your financial gift. You are welcome to give to any outside organization in the name of The Becky Baker Foundation, or, we can provide recommendations for you to non-profit organizations who truly need the funding today.  We can help you facilitate that donation, but your funds will not run through The Becky Baker Foundation. 

I hope this answers the questions, but if you more, please don't hesitate to email me at: