More About Free Mammogram From BBF

We are starting to receive requests for our free mammograms and some have had questions that we need to address here. 

When you submit the form on our website for a free mammogram, this is the response you will receive from The Foundation:

"To schedule your free pre-screening mammogram, please email us only the billing department contact information for the local Breast Cancer Center you choose. DO NOT SEND US ANY MEDICAL INFORMATION, NOR THE DATE OR TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. Once we receive the billing contact information, please call the Center and schedule an appointment for your pre-screening mammogram using the name and birthdate you provided on the form you submitted to our website. NOTE:  A “pre-screening” mammogram means that you have no symptoms. If you are displaying any symptoms, you will need a diagnostic mammogram or MRI. The Becky Baker Foundation does offer individual grants to cover the costs of diagnostic services for the underinsured, and you may apply at our website, For any diagnostic service, however, you will need an order from your doctor and without one, no Breast Cancer Center can proceed. If this is the case, please call your doctor today and do not wait! 

"We must comply with all HIPAA laws and regulations. Once we receive the Center’s contact information from you, we will provide a financial grant to the Center you choose in your name for the full cost of your pre-screening mammogram. The funds will be sent to the Center within two business days. 

"Thank you for taking ownership of your body and remember, the only way to beat breast cancer, is to prevent breast cancer!"

We hope this answers any question you may have. If not, please send your question to: