#Race4Prevention Road Trip Itinerary Set

Rick will be stopping at 15 places throughout the country to scatter some of Becky's ashes. He will be driving the NASCAR-wrapped GTR. Here is his itinerary:

• July 26: Leave Winston-Salem, NC, drive to Cape Cod, MA. (825m)

• July 29: Leave Cape Cod, Drive to Santa Rosa, CA, (3,184m)

• Aug. 4: Leave Santa Rosa, CA, drive to San Diego, CA. (548m)

• Aug. 7: Leave San Diego, CA, drive to PHX, AZ. (355m)

• Aug. 9: Leave Phoenix, AZ, drive to Durango, CO. (453m)

• Aug. 13: Leave Durango, drive to Ft. Collins, CO. (397m)

• Aug. 16: Leave Ft. Collins, drive to Austin, TX. (979m)

• Aug. 19: Leave Austin, TX, drive to Destin, FL (736m)

• Aug. 22: Leave Destin, FL, drive to Hilton Head Island, SC (501)

• Aug. 25: Leave HHI, drive tor Pinehurst, NC.(268m)

• Aug. 27: Leave Pinehurst, return to Winston-Salem, NC. (93m)

Total miles: 8,339

Rick's schedule is not set in stone, and there will be many towns and cities he will be visiting on the way to the listed locations, including Dallas, Waco, Memphis, Little Rock Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Pagosa Springs, Tucson, Chicago, Kansas City, Blytheville, (AR), San Fransisco, Bakersfield, Tulare (CA), Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead, and Jackson, (MS).