#Pens4Prevention Starts To Take Off!

All of a sudden, everyone wants a pen! I thought that 10,000 would be enough for my trip, but was wrong. Just ordered another 10,000 because I am offering them to anyone in the country who wants to give them away at their office, favorite restaurant or even Sunday School class. I am going to give one of these pink wonders to every person I meet on the trip. When I stop to eat, I will give one to all wait staff and every diner. When I get gas, everyone else getting gas gets one and everyone inside as well. At the hotels, all the staff get a pen, and all the patrons I see get one. Everywhere I go, someone gets a pen. When I stop to wash the car (which will be often!), every other car-washer gets a pen, whether they like it or not.

Who knows, one of these little pens might just save a life.

This, I believe, Becky would honor. She was really in to pens because she did crosswords every day. Had to have a certain tip and feel. She even finished the Saturday NYT crossword, the world's hardest. She would like this pen.

Yes, the #Race4Prevention is also printed on the pen, and so this hashtag going forward will begin to change the conversation from breast cancer "research" to breast cancer "Prevention." 

If you need pens, email me at: rick@beckybakerfoundation.,com.