First Leg of #Race4Prevention Tour Now Completed, Here is the Summary:

In 13 days...

• Met hundreds of people from NC, TN, AR, OK, TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, MO and KY, with many promising to get a check up immediately. Many of the pictures are posted at #Race4Prevention and #Pens4Prevention. There is a special bond that breast cancer survivors, patients and surviving family members all share, an instant friendship that just cannot be explained. I have many, many new friends. I just wish Becky could have met them as well.

• Had hundreds of pictures of the car taken from other cars on the highway, at gas stations, hotels, and everywhere the car traveled. I am a bit disappointed though, with the car's lack of exposure on social media, and the media in general. Many have asked why the local paper #wsjournaldidn't even bother to take a picture of the car, when the out-of-town TV network #WBTV did cover the Tour. The #wsjournal is too busy using all their ink to bash the President. No wonder they are losing local readers so quickly. I had also hoped that all those who took pictures would have posted them to the hashtag. So far, not many have. 

Trip Data:

• Drove 6,815 miles, which took 105:13 actual drive time minutes.

• Got 23.5 miles to the gallon.

• Drove the speed limit... except for a long stretch on an unnamed highway in an unnamed state where I got tired of being passed by Hondas. You can see from the pic here that I got to 105mph and was still being left in the dirt, so I put my foot down and showed the Hondas why this little Nissan is called "Godzilla." (Didn't take a pic of my passing them, needed both hands on the wheel cuz I'm a responsible driver, but they got pics. Other than that one "indiscretion," I drove the speed limit. This is one sick car, Becky would have had so much fun in it!)

• Needed to get back quickly, so I left Fort Collins, CO at 7am yesterday morning and drove straight through to Clemmons, 22 hrs total. Just never got tired, so I kept driving. Doubt I could ever do that again. The blurry pic is the Arch in Saint Louis, which is fitting because this leg of the tour is still a blur.

Did I accomplish anything for Breast Cancer Prevention? I dunno. I am just one man. We need thousands more like me, and then maybe we start to change the conversation. I know that if we saved just one, it was worth it.

The third leg, the Eastern part of the tour, will be completed next month.

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