Local PGA Pro Jimmy McMullen To Play 500 Holes For Charity, Becky Baker Foundation Will Match First $500 in Pledges


The Becky Baker Foundation Will MATCH The First $500 Pledged!

It is that time of year again for PGA Golf Professional Jimmy McMullen, from The Golf Academy at Salem Glen Country Club to play golf for a purpose.

This year, Jimmy will attempt to play 500 holes over a two day period on the Labor Day Weekend. Starting at 6:00 am on Saturday September 2, Jimmy will play golf until 8:00 pm and then start again at 6:00 am the following day. He will attempt to finish 500 total holes at some point Sunday night. Last year, Jimmy played 24 straight hours and was able to complete 400 holes by using a glow ball and glow flags. With the tremendous support of the members of Salem Glen Country Club and the local community, Jimmy was able to raise over $7500.00 to benefit the Folds of Honor.

For those that do not know, Labor Day Weekend is the weekend set aside for golf courses across the United States to host Patriot Golf Day events. These events are designed to raise money and awareness for those Military families that have lost their true Heroes and Patriots killed or injured in the line of duty while preserving our freedoms (which include playing golf). The following is The Folds of Honor Mission Statement.

Jimmy is now collecting pledges in the Salem Glen Golf Shop for this year’s event. If you would like to support Jimmy and The Folds of Honor, please consider pledging. Examples of past pledges are as simple as money per hole, money per birdie made or simple donation. As a pledge guide, if you pledge $.25 per hole it would be a total of $125 if Jimmy completes his goal of 500 holes in two days. A $.10 per hole pledge would be $50.00. Last year, Jimmy made 46 birdies in the 400 holes played, so if you wanted to pledge $1.00 per Birdie, a goal of 50 birdies is planned for this year.

This year, Jimmy has decided to help more families with the generosity of the pledges that are being donated. The Carolinas PGA is proud to support and acknowledge The PGA Reach/Hope Program that also helps our deserving Veterans and their families. Half of the collected donations, will be delivered to The Folds of Honor and the other half will be delivered to the Carolinas PGA to be utilized for The PGA Reach/Hope Program.

In 2001, following the tragic day of September 11, PGA Professional Jimmy McMullen played 150 holes of golf while holding his first Golf Marathon and raised over $8000 in pledges for the American Red Cross. Over the next several years, Jimmy completed the same event for different beneficiaries and in 2006 was able to raise over $10,000 for Autism research while playing 276 holes in the hot Florida sun. In 2015, Jimmy played 300 holes in 17 hours and raised close to $3500.00 for The Folds of Honor.

The Folds of Honor Mission Statement:

Of the one million-plus dependents adversely affected by deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly nine out of 10 do not qualify for federal scholarship assistance. Folds of Honor seeks to meet this need by providing annual educational scholarships to the military families of those who have been killed or disabled while in active duty. These help support private education tuition, tutoring and educational summer camps for children K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance for spouses and children. Since its founding in 2007, the organization is proud to have awarded over 7,500 scholarships, including over 2,000 in 2014 alone.

Phone in your pledge today to the Salem Glen Pro Shop at (336) 712-1010.