Six Reasons Why Women Won't Get A Mammogram

My wife, Becky, discovered a very small lump in her left breast in March of 2013. Did she immediately go and get it checked out? Nope. She waited for nine months, when the small lump had metastasized, spread to her bones and had become stage IV.

Was Becky's response – or lack thereof – much different from many women in the US? Nope.

Becky had never had an annual checkup, never seen an oncologist (until too late) and had never been to a gynecologist. Many studies and polls show that upwards of 40% of women are just like Becky and have never seen a women's specialist.

Why? That is a question that the Becky Baker Foundation is desperately trying to answer. Here are 6 reasons why, and I know there are many more. 

If you have not had your checkup, please schedule one now. If you cannot afford one, the Foundation will pay for it.