For Most Men Breast Cancer is a Pink Ribbon on an NFL Football – That Must Change!

Four years ago, that was my definition of breast cancer – a pink ribbon.

Oh, I was familiar with October being "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," and I knew that about that time of year the NFL had pink shoes and helmets with pink ribbons plastered all over them.

But, that was it. That was the extent of my breast cancer knowledge. That, and knowing that thousands of women died every year from the disease. (Little did I know my wife would be one of those.)

For me, my wife's breasts were for 'playin with.' That was it. Sexual pleasure. One would have thought that as much time as I spent with my wife's breasts, I would have noticed that minute lump that suddenly appeared. She did, so why didn't I? Because I knew nothing about breast cancer, that's why.

Is it possible, that my infatuation with my wife's breasts was one reason she ignored the lump she found in the first place, thinking that I would be less sexually-attracted to her if she lost one or both breasts? Sure is. Here is a good article that very subject. 

But, I have realized that I was not alone in my ignorance of the disease. It is estimated that upwards of seventy-five percent (75%) of men know nothing about breast cancer. While there is no hard data to support this claim, it sure seems about right. I haven't met too many men who know much about the disease. Nothing, other than the pink ribbon thing. They wouldn't know a lump if they found one, don't understand how it attacks women, don't have a clue about why diet is so important for the women they love and are so uncomfortable with the possibility of their lover losing her breasts, that they may willfully ignore the whole ugly deal called "breast cancer." In other words, right where I was four years ago.

There are a plethora of articles online helping men to cope with their wive's breast cancer. Here is one. Here is another one. And, another one here. You get the picture. 

However, there are few, if any, articles on the Internet that actually educate men about this evil disease in a way that can help their wives, or girlfriends, prevent possible breast cancer.

I aim to change that deadly statistic. I cannot do it alone, obviously, but good news! The conversation is starting to change. More and more people are talking about prevention and beginning to abandon the whole "Awareness" scam. If the emails I am receiving are any indication, more and more men are beginning to educate themselves on this disease in order to support their wives and even help to prevent it in their bodies. But, it's not enough. It never will be until we stamp out this disease by preventing it.

Going forward, I will be posting information that is meant to educate all men about this disease so that you will not have to watch your loved one die this terrible death. I hope you will study these words and links I provide, and that you will make it a priority in your life to become an expert on breast cancer. You may well be the one who saves a life. 

Here is your first assignment: Study carefully this article about Breast Cancer, its symptons, risk factors and treatment. (Note: On the treatment section, read it to get informed, but we will talk about other treatments in the future. I concur with many rising oncologists that chemo and radiation may do more damage to the patient than previously thought.)

Study this article carefully. There will be a test. RB