My Mission

On December 17, 2013, my wife, Becky Baker, was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic ER+ breast cancer and given three months to live by the oncologists at Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center. X-rays and scans showed that she had four compression-fractured vertebrae, three fractured ribs, a fractured sternum and stress fractures on her femur necks. The disease had traveled from her breast and taken over her bones, which were now brittle, like egg shells.

Becky knew she had been issued a death warrant. Few, if any, ever survive her diagnosis beyond a year or two. However, she refused to believe that the doctors’ 3-month time limit on her life, as well as their recommendation for “managing the disease.” Instead, Becky committed herself to fight this evil in her body in a natural way. After an initial radiation treatment just one week after her diagnosis, she decided to fight this disease going forward without the use of chemo, radiation therapy, or pain medication. Her healing path, she believed, was to be based on the four components of her life: Her Lifestyle, her Attitude, the Food she ate and her Faith.

So, she started, hoping that her story would encourage the many other women (and men) living with this evil disease, to “take control of their body and to “Never give up.” And it did. Thousands have been encouraged over the past three-plus years and have extended the quality of their lives. 

Becky lived 37 months beyond the three months she was given by the doctors, and up until her final few months, no one even knew she was sick. (The above picture with her love, Miss Penny, was taken 25 months after her stage IV diagnosis, and yes, that is her real hair!)

Like so many other women though, Becky waited to see her doctor until it was too late. Why? Because she feared what the results would yield. “Our life was perfect and I didn’t want to mess it up,” she told me when I asked why she waited so long. Realizing her grave error, she spent her last three years preaching to everyone who would listen to, “Get your checkup, if something is off, get to a doctor now, don’t wait, do it now!”

I launched The Becky Baker Foundation in May of 2017 for one main purpose: To prevent breast cancer. Had Becky immediately gone to the doctor once she realized she had a small, minute lump on her left breast, she would be here today. 

There appears to be an unexplainable fear that many women endure when it comes to getting a mammogram or other diagnostic. Every year, this fear ends up killing many thousands of women like Becky. 

To that end, The Becky Baker Foundation is proactively awarding financial grants to organizations that will educate women on the absolute necessity of annual checkups.  Additionally, our philanthropy extends as monetary grants to numerous Breast Cancer Centers throughout the South East, and is actively raising funds for a second Mobile Mammography Coach to service both North and South Carolina.

The Becky Baker Foundation is a non-profit S Corporation Foundation, but has withdrawn its tax-exempt, 501(c)3 application with the IRS. I have determined that the best way going forward for the Foundation is to continue its philanthropy in the area of breast cancer prevention, and to also facilitate financial donations to worthy organizations also committed to Prevention. The Foundation acts as a broker between the donor and receiver and will not accept any financial gift. If you wish to give to an outside organization in the name of The Becky Baker Foundation we can facilitate that donation, but your funds will not run through The Becky Baker Foundation. I know that Becky, while probably unhappy that her name is now so commonly associated with breast cancer prevention (she was an under-the-radar gal) is nonetheless smiling because of the lives that are being saved with early detection, using her story as the catalyst. I love you babe and miss you so much.

Rick Baker - 2017